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Young Goodman Brown and Other Hawthorne Short Stories Essays

The tradition Hawthorne began in American literature - the morally intense exploration of the universality of guilt and the ambiguities of human choice - was clearly carried on by James. Although James expressed misgivings about some of Hawthorne's more extravagant symbolism and heavy reliance on allegory , he shared his predecessor's constant interest in moral quandaries, divided loyalties, and the inevitable conflicts between imaginative protagonists and intractable reality.

James also shared Hawthorne's passion for careful craftmanship and thorough, unsparing analysis of character. Although James, at least in his earlier work, was more of a consistent realist than Hawthorne, the later novelist's work always betrays the influence of his predecessor's tendency towards metaphorical expression.

In James' final novels such as The Golden Bowl , this influence becomes even more pronounced in extended metaphor and complex symbolism. By and large James' book has enjoyed favorable reviews from later critics.

Nathaniel Hawthorne Literary Criticism

They have usually recommended the book as one of permanent interest and still well worth reading. Critics have disagreed about how closely James followed Hawthorne's example, though there's general agreement that the influence was considerable, especially as James' fiction became more symbolic and dominated by psychological introspection.

The book is free from critical jargon and easily accessible to readers with little or no knowledge of Hawthorne's works. James can be surprisingly cutting and humorous about some of Hawthorne's more questionable flights of fancy. When Arthur Dimmesdale in The Scarlet Letter supposedly beholds an immense letter A marked out in dim red lines in the night sky, James says that Hawthorne is "crossing the line which separates the sublime from its intimate neighbor.

We are tempted to say that this is not moral tragedy , but physical comedy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hawthorne Original Macmillan and Co. Rating: Strong Essays. Open Document.

Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. In the first episode of this popular comedy we are introduced to a couple going out to dinner, they sit down at their table ready to eat a great meal. Before ordering the couple must know if the chicken is organic and if what the chicken ate was organic.

Instead of just ordering a lovely meal and enjoy themselves they spend the whole time worrying.

ENG4319 – Critical Approaches to Nathaniel Hawthorne

They worry about where their food came from, they worry how it was treated and they worry about what affect it may have on their bodies Strong Essays words 2. The story analyzes the relationship between Aylmer, an educated scientist, and his nearly flawless wife, Georgiana. Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful Georgiana is, Aylmer continuously strives for her to be even more beautiful regardless of consequences.

Stuck on a single imperfection, Aylmer cannot look past one blemish on her face, ultimately ignoring the beauty Georgiana still has. But, in the case of this story, this perfection is not a goal for themselves but in someone else.

Aylmer is a highly respected man that has delved into many regions of science and his wife, Georgiana, would be considered a classically ideal woman except for one thing, the birth-mark that stains her left cheek. Reference book Britannica. Strong Essays words 3.

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A man by the name Aylmer has a burning passion for science, but has managed to put his experiments aside long enough to marry a young, beautiful woman named Georgiana. Georgiana has a little birth-mark on her cheek, which bothers Aylmer enough to the point where he wants to remove it, with the help of his under worker Aminadab.

Aylmer will do anything in the name of science, although Aminadab disapproves, leading to the death of his wife Georgiana