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JFK himself was not only famous, but his marriage was well known as well because his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, was a social face that was admired all over the world. I did not know much about the aspect of his presidency, but thought that ethically he was not a moral man. Kennedy did a lot for our country although his presidential term was cut short.

He had a certain allure to him that Americans liked. Kennedy knew what to do to gain the votes of all different types of voters no matter their age, race, or religion. Kennedy was a spectacular man and president that brought a fresh feel to America and who left a legacy that will never be forgotten. Kennedy was the youngest president of the United States of America in history.

He also the second son of Joseph and Rose Kennedy. He was American politician who served the U. S as a president from Jan until he was murdered in Dallas, Texas Nov When he was child John F. Kennedy had everything that a child could dream of, because his father was a billionaire. However JFK studied and graduated from Harvard in Three years later he volunteered in the U. S military. After the war was end Kennedy. Growing up in a family like this, it would appear hard to distinguish yourself, however, JFK would go on to surpass them all by becoming the 35th, and perhaps most beloved president of the United States.

As president JFK was popular.

He was young, handsome, and articulate, this ultimately led him to defeat Richard Nixon in the general election. As a president did. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Kennedy, President John F. Kennedy delivered this infamous speech in the football stadium at Rice University in Houston, Texas on that very day.

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This quote from Henry Kissinger is a representation of the Kennedy term in office. President Kennedy took the world to a whole new level; he succeeded in many tasks in his short time as president. On October 22, , President John F. President Kennedy decided to take the peaceful route in handling is major crisis.

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As …show more content…. If this other World War or massive nuclear war would have occurred, just think of where we would be today. The lines, suddenly, were drawn very firmly indeed, and the world held its breath. After several days of action and reaction, each seeming to bring the world closer to the brink of nuclear war, the two sides reached a deal. Khrushchev would order the withdrawal of offensive missiles, and Kennedy would promise not to invade Cuba; Kennedy also secretly promised to withdraw American ballistic nuclear missiles based in Turkey targeting the Soviet Union.

Difficult negotiations aimed at finalizing the deal and verifying its implementation dragged on for several weeks but, on November 20, , Kennedy finally ordered the lifting of the naval blockade of Cuba. Kennedy was also instrumental in the success of the nation's space program. An enthusiastic proponent of it in public, if dubious of its more scientific dimensions in private, he vowed to have Americans on the moon by the end of the decade.

Although the rockets would be launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida, Kennedy agreed to locate the headquarters of the Manned Spacecraft Center in Texas, the home state of his vice president; Lyndon Johnson had previously been head of the Senate subcommittee in charge of funding the space program. Kennedy would not live to see the landing of a man on the moon in July President Kennedy created the Peace Corps by executive order in , a reaction to both the growing spirit of activism throughout the West and Communist efforts to capitalize on the decolonization process.

In September , shortly after Congress formally endorsed the Peace Corps by making it a permanent program, the first volunteers went abroad to teach English in Ghana. Contingents of aid workers soon followed to Tanzania and India. The program proved enduring; by the end of the twentieth century, the Peace Corps had sent more than , American volunteers to over nations. The Alliance for Progress, announced in March , comprised a series of measures to improve the region's social and economic fortunes.

What John F. Kennedy did... and why you should care

This charter—and the US financial aid that came with it—sought to improve America's standing in the region, though few Latin nations agreed with the US embargo on Cuba or cooperated with it. Although Laos presented Kennedy with an initial and recurring challenge in the region, by the end of his presidency it was Vietnam that proved at least as difficult, and potentially more dangerous. America had been sending military advisers to Saigon since the early s to help France in its war against Vietnamese Communists for control of the nation.


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In , Kennedy increased this allotment and ordered in the Special Forces, an elite army unit, to train the South Vietnamese in counter-insurgency warfare. But war continued to spread, and by the end of Kennedy's presidency, 16, American military advisers were serving in Vietnam. As with other aspects of his administration, it is not clear how Kennedy would have handled America's growing commitment to Vietnam had he lived out his term in office. Kennedy had announced plans in to reduce the number of American advisers, but this did not necessarily mean a reduction in the US commitment.

John Kennedy Essay | Bartleby

The announcement was one of several measures designed to pressure Saigon into making reforms. Instead, the regime of President Ngo Dinh Diem continued its repression of political opponents. Just months before his death, Kennedy secured an agreement, with Britain and the Soviet Union, to limit the testing of nuclear weapons in space, underwater, and in the earth's atmosphere. In the wake of the close call over Cuba, Kennedy considered this agreement his greatest accomplishment as president.

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