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My family instilled in me a love for history at a young age, and now I enjoy passing on this passion to my students. I love finding ways to make history come alive and to make it more interesting than just a bunch of names and dates. There are so many intriguing stories and AP World History.

Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX - AdmitSquare

High School Level American History. English from SMU where I graduated with Honors, and completed over 45 hours of natural sciences in the pre-medical program. I have worked closely with learning specialists and others to enhance my educational strategies and techniques, as well as my time management and organizational skills. I am skilled at evaluating student's needs as well as teacher expectations and testing styles to ensure that the student not only learns the information but can reproduce it successfully My legal education and experience have further enhanced these skills.

Most importantly, I love learning and have come realize that it is my vocation to share and impart that love of learning in others. As beautifully put by Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca in his moral epistles: "[P]art of the joy in learning University of Dallas - Bachelors, Politics. University of Dallas - Masters, Humanities. Social studies. Graduate Test Prep.

Thanks-Giving Foundation announces winners of its 2013 Expressions Art and Essay Competition

ACT Writing. Kindergarten teacher at a private preschool. The main focus of my classroom is providing foundational learning that is in accordance with the Texas Kindergarten curriculum for those students who are not yet able to enter Kindergarten due to mandated age requirements. Along with abundant experience with all preschool years, I have assisted children in many elementary grade levels.

My strongest subjects to tutor are English, reading, phonics and elementary math. In my experience, prepping students Study Skills and Organization. Six years of crowded subways and jackhammers and fourth-floor walk-ups had ground me down to a bitter nub. But I suspected my friend was not teasing me for escaping the big city; he was taking a swing at Dallas, which I recognized because, well, I used to do it all the time. Growing up, I did not like Dallas.


To be fair, I did not like growing up, period, and I suspect that whatever city in which my adolescence unfolded would have taken the blame. My family lived in a sweet, shabby little home in the Park Cities, and my most vivid memory of being 11 and 12 is the feeling of not belonging. Going to college in Austin sharpened my knives. Those story lines were so cemented in my mind that it jarred me when anyone disrupted them. I was visiting New York in my mids when I met an editor who worked for the most impressive newspaper there is.

Award-Winning College Essays Tutors in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

When I found out he once wrote in Dallas, I offered my condolences. How could someone so smart be so dumb? We left that conversation each feeling a little sorry for the other person. At the time, I was traveling around the country, and I never liked telling people I was from Dallas.

No way. Absolutely not. What is the opposite of yes? That is my answer. A thousand-billion times no.

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The knee-jerking was a little extreme. But when you construct your meaning from things outside of you — the cool job you have, the music and the movies you enjoy, the vintage brush of the funky corduroys you wear — then you are bound to live in cities on the Approved List, which Dallas certainly was not.

If you had asked me what was so terrible about the place, I would have sneered that it was an image-based society. The funny thing is that I was totally image-based at that time. But in a twist I did not see coming, I attended my year high school reunion, fell in love with a guy, and moved back to Dallas. So much for all that. I complained about Dallas in those years, and it was a problem. No one wants to hear that the city they live in is somehow inferior. That was pretty much the entire conversation. Well, there were tears mine and sighs his and dissatisfaction on both parts.

But in the two years I spent casting aspersions on the city, something unexpected happened: I came to really love it. At least, I really loved the people, who were funny and smart and bent in all the right ways, and loving the people in a city is a very, very short walk from loving the city itself. When my boyfriend and I broke up, and I decided to move to New York, no one was surprised. Share with friends.


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