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My first goal would have to be to graduate from high school. To get good grades and get some scholarships to get into collage. I would like to go to collage for architecture or some other kind of build construction field.

If that is not what I want to do and I change my mind I would like to go into translating and other parts of the speech field. I would also like to play soccer in collage for a couple years if they have it in the university.

OFID scholarship application

My main personal goal is to be happy with my wife and one day be a grandfather. To meet this goal of being a grandpa and be exultant I first have to reach the goal of finding that special some one and ask them to marry me. If she says yes my next goal would be to have a big wedding with all our friend and family and go Hawaii for the honey moon. Being a grandpa would be great because I see my grandparents have so much fun seeing me and my cousins grow up.

I want to day have that same joy. I would also be passing the family name to my kids and them to theirs.

My personal educational goals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - words

I would like to go to Europe and visit all the historic places like the Eiffel tower in Paris and Stone Hinge in England. I would like to go to these places and others because I enjoy history. After years of reading about these places I want to go visit them and imagine how thing happened there.

Another is to go to a World Cup and watch a game of Brazil, Mexico, and the final no matter where in the world the World Cup is being held. I want to watch of Brazil because they are always really good and have big name players.

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Those are my goals that qualify me for this scholarship. Also the goals that I hope to succeed in life. Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about?

Educational Goals Essay Examples

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Remember me. Sign In. Forgotten password. Invalid email address! Back to Login. Summer Program Reviews College Reviews. Writers Workshop Regular Forums. Program Links Program Reviews. What are your personal and educational goals? Setting an educational objective involves three stages.

At the first stage, it is necessary to determine the specific subject or theme to be taught. At the second stage, it is necessary to determine the characteristics of the students such as their level, number, language abilities, etc. At the third stage, it is reasonable to formulate a teaching aim and several objectives relevant for the target topic and the target students.

The target topic is elementary algebra, the section devoted to linear equations and solving linear equations. The selected sub-topic is the introduction into linear equations and solving simple linear equations. Anticipated student audience includes English-speaking students of middle-school level.

My Dream to Be a Teacher | Essays

The number of students in a class is expected to be average persons , and the level of their knowledge is sufficient. In particular, it is assumed that the students know division, subtraction, addition, multiplication, and can denote variables with letters.

What Are Your Career Goals?

The general objective is the following: to understand the concept of a linear equation and to master the approach to solving simple linear equations.