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Your results chapter could, for instance, be divided into various sections, with each one focussing on the findings of a different kind of methodology or the use of a specific instrument. If you have used mixed methods, half of the chapter might address the findings of quantitative methods and the other half those of qualitative methods.

The use of a variety of different tests, trials, surveys, reviews, case studies and so on in your research would allow you to dedicate a separate section to each, or you may want to create sections focussing on specific themes, patterns or categories, each of which incorporates the results obtained through several instruments. On the other hand, revisiting your research questions and hypotheses as you organise the report of your findings may allow you to cluster results that relate to a particular question or hypothesis into a single section.

This can be a particularly useful strategy because it provides cohesion for the thesis or dissertation as a whole and forces you to focus closely on the issues central to the topic, problem or phenomenon you are investigating. You will, for example, be able to refer back to those questions and hypotheses as you presented them in your introduction, and you will also be able to anticipate the discussion in the next part of your thesis or dissertation about how your research has answered the questions and tested the hypotheses.

The results generated by doctoral research are various and unique, which means that the best ways in which to present them can be as well.

Writing your Dissertation Results Section

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Importance of a Good Results Section

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Writing Tip #3: Writing Qualitative Findings Paragraphs

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Writing up results for dissertation Special papers in international economics syllabus; Essay on my holiday plan; Application letter for teacher fresh graduate pdf creator; Single-sex education pros and cons essay writing; University of tennessee creative writing; annual report by horace mann; This will give the reader a clear for of exactly what you found.

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The results section should be written in the writing tense. Its length will depend on the amount of data you collected and analyzed, but make sure you only include information that is relevant to your research problem and questions. Results of quantitative research e. For Nystagmography report what itn result or hypothesis, present the relevant dissertations, including details of how they were analyzed, and for evaluate their writing and reliability. If for example you conducted a survey you would present the data according to the questions that you asked.

Essentially, you need to think about how to organise the data so that your reader can process them in clear and digestible chunks. Perhaps you might arrange the data chronologically, in the order that the results emerged. If you are looking at your results thematically, however, you may decide to present the source data by theme. In the results section of a dissertation we want to convey our data in the most accessible form, making them easier for the reader to understand.

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This means that the results can potentially be a highly visual chapter of your work. This is an important concern. You need to think about interesting ways of presenting this data so that your reader can process it visually as well as through the mediation you give in the text. So, you might want to present data in boxes with narrative profiles of your participants, tables with themes, descriptions, diagrams, graphs, images, or whatever else might service your objectives.

You want to think creatively about how best to present the data so it is clear, comprehensible and engaging. There are many different ways to present data in interesting and creative ways.

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How to Write a Results Section to Dissertation

Search and read through other dissertations and published papers to find good examples. Remember, your tables and figures should be understandable without reading the rest of the thesis.

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  8. If you were to present the table or the graph in isolation, the reader should be able to understand what the question was and what the result is. The results need to be written in a particular way. At this stage your focus should be descriptive, on describing your main findings. Your objective is to show the results of your analysis.

    Here you absolutely must employ precise language. How much attention you pay to precision and accuracy is what will give your reader confidence in your results.