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One record shows that Oher was absent 46 days of a single term of his first-grade year.

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According to The Ballad of Big Mike, during the football season at Briarcrest, Oher was still living with several foster families and a football teammate. Steve Simpson was the principal at Briarcrest at the time. Michael was sixteen years old with a measured IQ of Simpson had not seen anyone in a single digit percentile. The schools wanted to get rid of Oher. This is the reason he attended so many different schools. His freshman year in high school, Michael played varsity football for a public high school in Memphis called Westwood.

According to his transcripts, he had missed a total of fifty days during that year.

The Blind Side( Michael Oher) - Words | Bartleby

Tony Henderson personally phoned the principal and said he wanted him in his football program. Oher was later accepting into the school but was not allowed at participate in any sports. Jennifer Graves ran the programs for students with special needs at Briarcrest for nine years. She questioned why Michael was accepted into Briarcrest. He had no academic background, no foundation at all. Oher struggled until Leigh Anne Touhy came into his life. She would keep up with grades and encourage Michael.

Leigh Anne knew that in order for Oher to play college football, he would need a 2. Michael still continued to struggle and this was when Leigh Anne contacted Ms. Sue Mitchell. Miss Sue worked with Oher until he was able to raise his grades. In the movie, Miss Sue also met with Michael numerous times in order to improve his education. Miss Sue worked with Oher five nights a week for a total of twenty hours. She received no payment in return either.

She sometimes got frustrated but she got attached to Michael and wanted to get him into college. Preferably Ole Miss because this is where she went to college. Due to this help, Michael managed to raise his grade point average to a 2. Miss Sue also worked with him to achieve this. By the end of his senior year, he had a 2. In order to achieve the required GPA, Oher took a Brigham Young University course that would replace poor grades with better grades in a single summer. After this, Oher started to receive scholarships from various colleges.

Michael finally accepted a scholarship from the University of Mississippi. Michael started at guard then moved to left tackle. He played eleven games for Ole Miss and started ten of them.

The film portrays her as an over-achiever and grade A student. It turns out that Tuohy is indeed a very talented girl.

One Of Twelve Kids

She was very involved in sports throughout high school and college. In high school she was a state champion in pole-vaulting. Just like her brother, she attended Ole Miss where she became a cheerleader. Leigh Anne really worked as an interior designer. You may have noticed in the film that Leigh mentioned the football quarterback Patrick Ramsey. This is because in real life Tuohy worked for the quarterback, and helped design the inside of his home. Of course only the most dedicated football fans got the connection, but it still made for a fun hidden Easter egg and was certainly based on reality.

The spirit of Ole Miss is quite alive throughout the film, which makes sense considering Collins, Michael and Leigh are all alumni of the university.

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Even though Oher was not a big fan of the film, he still respected all the actors and actresses who worked hard to make his story come to life. Oher actually kept a good relationship with the sweet Sandra Bullock herself. She stays in touch with him and the whole Tuohy family. You could find Bullock in the bleachers of many Super Bowl games next to the whole Tuohy family.

This is probably because most of the coaches in the film were actually real coaches playing themselves. Many of them did however represent their former teams instead of their current team. Phillip Fulmer coached for Tennessee but is now retired from coaching. Briarcrest Christian School was not so pleased that their actual name of the school was used in the film. Easily one of the most loved characters in the film, Leigh Anne Tuohy, was played by the passionate Sandra Bullock. He was really the perfect fit. Physically, he had the same build as the real football legend.

Quinton Aaron is actually a bit older than the real Big Mike. Aaron was born in and Oher was born in Sandra Bullock was not the only actress up for the leading role of Leigh Anne Tuohy. Julia Roberts was also offered the role, but she eventually turned it down. Although Roberts would have most likely given a stunning performance like she always does, it is hard to imagine the movie without Sandra Bullock. The Blind Side was not just based on the true story of Michael Oher, but also a book.

In his book, Lewis writes about the lives and professional careers of two record-breaking football players, Michael Oher and Lawrence Taylor of the New York Giants. Although it may be hard to believe, the actor who played Michael Oher had never actually acted before.

Aaron was working as a security guard at the time, and decided to go on a whim and audition for the role of Michael. He was in complete shock when he heard that he had actually landed the role. Not only did Aaron have to grow accustomed to life on set, he also had to get used to life on the football field. In order for Aaron to play a realistic Big Mike, he had to go through some football training himself.

The Georgia Tech football team worked hard with Aaron and taught him everything they could in order to prepare him for the role. Whatever they did worked because Aaron truly looked like a professional football player on the screen! Michael may have maintained a friendly relationship with Sandra Bullock, but he still regrets the film ever being made. Instead of being treated like a serious football player who overcame many obstacles to reach his goals, he feels that many people just see him as that celebrity football player from the movie. Before he got the role, he was just a simple security guard who had never even been on an airplane.

Not only did Aaron get flown to his second audition for The Blind Side, he also got starry-eyed during his first ever trip to Los Angeles. His life changed drastically after he got the role, and he was introduced to the glitzy Hollywood lifestyle that came with it. She submitted his information for him, and waited by the phone patiently hoping to hear some good news. Becoming Michael Oher was no easy task, and did not happen overnight.


Michael oher essay

Quinton Aaron had to go through a great amount of intensive training and practice to make the role work. The new actor also had to lose some weight for the role. Determined, Aaron shed pounds in just a few months. Who would have known that he also had a gift for acting?