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Therefore, successful marketing is to the extend one builds strong brands that do the selling of a product. Branding often starts in giving of a name to a product.

The New Science of Customer Emotions

The name in essence gives life or bestows on the product all the qualities in its extension. Naming of a brand helps towards creation of the brand image.

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The brand image is the perception people have of a product and how they feel about it. Therefore there are two aspects to a brand i. The mental object is the brand image. Let's see if we can help you! The mental object has to be as powerful as possible if a brand is to stand the test of time. Brand image is made stronger depending on the number of connotations the brand name has Danesi However, in as much as a brand name should have high connotations, it should also have denotative value i.

The branding concern aims at communicating to people that a given product can uniquely satisfy their needs or wants. The brand often communicates qualities or is aligned with experiential, social or spiritual elements. However, the building of brand resonance is a cumulative endeavor that starts with experiential qualities to drive people towards a social and spiritual connection with the brand. Brand connotation and denotation is improved through infusing its dimension in product design. According to Randazzo, using mythical archetypes can very well add value to a brand.

To drive brand value, it is advisable to look into building or developing brand communities. Therefore, brand value is realized in development of brand communities or when a brand connects with an in-group leading to self construal and self connections. Once an in-group identifies with a brand, it becomes part of their identity thus it is not easy to kill or end such a brand. Schau et al recommend the close monitoring of brand community practices. It is the practices that determine actual product usage or consumption.

Therefore, developing brand community practices is the cheapest or easiest way of creating brand value. It enhances self connection as members of a brand community out-compete each other in devotion to a brand; raising the brand acumen or relevancy.

The impact of brand concept on brand equity

Brand management at the initial stages entails efforts to establish brand identity. At this stage of building brand salience, cues or reminders of the brand are the greatest concern of the brand manager. It is at this level that qualities that carry brand marks are developed.

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    Emotion in advertising research

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    Why Emotional Connections Matter

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